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The Grand Hotel de l´Europe is one of the most impressive hotels in Bad Gastein

In 1904, Viktor Sedlacek comissioned Matthäus Schlager, a master cathedral builder from Linz in Austria, as planner and site engineer for the hotel. Later, from 1906 - 1909, the construction firm Comini from Bad Gastein was assigned to realize this vast project. At that point in time, it was the largest hotel in Bad Gastein.

The Grand Hotel offered space for up to 300 guests, some of which would be dukes, sovereign rulers, high ranking bureaucrats of the Austro-Hungarian K.u.K. monarchy (kaiser and king, that is, imperial and royal), industrialists and notable artists.

After World War I, the house was renovated and prepared for the oncoming economic and societal upturn. Mr Sedlacek comissioned the Viennese painters Alexander and Leopold Rothaug to create an illustration of the 'Nibelungenzyklus' (the Nibelungen epic). This illustration wass set in the then called "Gösserlstüberl" and has since become another protected landmark of Gastein. The paintings have been preserved in great condition until today and can be viewed in the Nibelungenlounge.

1945 the house served as a military hospital.

1948 the house was redesigned once more and became part of a growing winter tourism resort. At this time, celebrities and other notable people returned as guests once again. One of the most distinguished guests in this time was the Shah of Persia.

Here you can watch one of the earliest videos of that time. It shows a radon treatment in the radon galleries (German: "Heilstollen") of Gastein, a method already renowned back then.

1968 the hotel had to declare bankruptcy and closed its doors.

Only as lat as 1982 it was reopened, following an extensive and costly restoration, from which the hotel still benefits today.

1985  Austria Casinos joined the hotel and moved into the house.

1988 the house was closed once more and its property divided between many different owners.

The casino stayed during that time and supported the costly upkeep of the house, which benefitted all of the houses stakeholders.

Today, the hotel building is well maintained. Currently, the Grand Hotel de l'europe is comprised of the following units:

The upper stories consist of freehold apartments, which are mainly used as vacation homes. Several proprietors are providing the beautiful, well maintained apartments for touristic use. On the ground floor and souterrain there are several establishments located: the Casions Austria, the restaurant Ginger N Gin, the Nibelungenlounge (including the heritage protected paintings of Alexander Rothaug), the Ritterstüberl (knight's parlour) and the Wienersaal, which is used by the local tourism association.

Much time, effort and passion are dedicated to make the house useable for big events such as congresses, dances, weddings, concerts and other events.

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