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The Romans settled Gastein Valley more than 2,000 years ago, and were probably well aware of the healing powers of the waters that bubbled up from the hot springs. The Celts in Gastein were involved with gold mining, which brought considerable prosperity to the valley and an upswing in trade in centuries to follow. The actual name Gastein is first mentioned in a document from the year 1203.

The fame of Gastein's healing springs reached its first high point in the 16th century. But in the centuries which followed, the development of Gastein as a spa town came to a halt, caused by a decline in gold mining and natural catastrophes such as the plague.

It was not until under Habsburg Archduke Ferdinand III that this development was revived once more. Emperor Francis I also lent his considerable weight to its increased profile.

Gastein would become a place where grand-scale European politics were conducted. In fact, during Bismarck's time, Gastein was nicknamed the Spa of Diplomats! Numerous illustrious guests, such as Emperor Franz Josef I and his spouse Empress Elisabeth, Prince Bismarck, Grillparzer, Schubert, Schopenhauer and many others, gave Gastein the reputation of a modern, cosmopolitan spa destination.

After major setbacks caused by the wars of the 20th century, in the winter of 1945/46 a ski lift was constructed on the Graukogel. This was the advent of a new era for Gastein valley: It became a popular winter sports resort.

Today the Gastein valley is world famous for its healing springs, the Gasteiner Heilstollen, numerous sports-, cultural- and leisure time activities as well as big events like RED BULL - Playstreets and much more.

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