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Weddings & Parties

Bar & Restaurant

Celebrate with us!

In one of our Event locations You will for sure find the right spot to party.

Our Eventmanager is looking forward to be helping You to organise any extraordinary ideas!

Wilde Hochzeit im Hotel Europe Gastein

Your ideal choice for weddings and wedding receptions, with or without gala dinner!

To organise a memorable wedding is anything but a simple feat - where to find suitable rooms with a unique ambience and the necessary equipment?

For years we had the great pleasure to support friends and guests in organising and realising weddings of all kinds.

We will gladly support you in planning your own dream wedding!

Take advantage of our newest equipment, the central location of our Grand Hotel at the famous Gastein waterfall and enjoy your special day in our historic locations.

Feel free to bring your own wedding band, the equipment is all taken care of by our hotel.

Whether it is a wedding, wedding reception or bachelor(ette) party - this is the right place for you and we warmely welcome you and offer just the right facilities and space for your personal needs and taste.

Countdown to your Wedding - what's next?

Even though it seems a long time, we recommend to start planning your wedding one year in advance. This way you prevent unnecessary stress on the big day. You will be nervous either way until you finally take your vows!

For starters...

The big proposal - remember to say YES!

We are at your side from the very first moment and gladly help you to plan the proposal according to your individual needs, so that you can fully enjoy the big moment.

Remember that many locations are already booked one year in advance. Luckily, the variety and number of our rooms and facilities allow us to be flexible and to offer you a location for your dream wedding up to 4-6 months in advance.

We'd like to invite you to a cocktail in our Ginger 'n Gin Bar so that we can discuss any questions that you may have. We will introduce you to a variety of options and details and show you the facilities of your choice. The Nibelungen lounge, the Knight's Parlour (Ritterstüberl) or the Casinobar - there are no limits to your creativity and options.

Here a list of our facilities and rooms:

For a personal appointment, please call our wedding specialist "Tom" anytime: +43 650 52 355 57

12 months before the big day

Did you already share the big news at an espousal?  No?
Test our service, we'd love to organise your espousal.

Bride and groom have decided to say yes, now it's time to find a wedding date - watch out for public holidays in your planning. Check the possible dates with the civil registry office and churches. Get an idea about your approximate budget and we let you know about different options.

Compile a draft list of your guests - who is absolutely essential for the big day?
Choose a restaurant or other location in a personal meeting with our wedding manager and discuss other details for the celebrations. Think carefully about who to pick as best man and maid of honor and discuss a few ideas for the day's timeline. If you already chose a definite date for the wedding, it is helpful to already send "Save the date" notes to your friends and family.

Bar & Restaurant
Band bei einer Hochzeit

10 months to go - now the planning really starts

If you would like to have a church wedding, now it is time to register with the parish office in charge.

Begin to prepare documents for the civil marriage.

Consider ideas for a potential motto or style of your wedding - e.g. a medieval wedding in our Ritterstüberl (Knight's Parlour)? A gothic wedding in the Marmorsaal (marble hall)? A modern James Bond style wedding in our Casino bar? Does the bride already have her outfit? How is the groom going to dress? Already start searching for the perfect dress or costume, since there can be long delays in ordering special clothing.

Further specify your guest list.

Are you looking into having a band or do you prefer a DJ? We can assist you with finding a suitable option. Now it is time to arrange music, band, logistics, photographer, videographer etc.

8 months to go - how time flies!

Start planning the wedding timeline  - meet your best man and maid of honor to exchange ideas.

Consider animation and entertainment for children.
Make provisional reservations for accommodations.

Would you like to go away for honeymoon? Search now for the perfect offer (early bird pricing).

6 months to go - you are halfway

Now you can register with the responsible civil registry office. Send out invitations and remember to mention the style of your wedding and if there is a dress code for your guests.

Decide on the menu and a possible entertainment program with our wedding manager and our chef. Create the menu booklet for your wedding feast and if applicable, a booklet for the church ceremony.

Would you like to join a dance class to bring your skills up to snuff? Register for it now.

Are you planning a bachelor's / bachelorette party? We have special offers for these occasions in an exclusive atmosphere! For more details, please call us +43 650 52 355 57


4 months to go - closing in on the big day

How should the tables be arranged? Round or square? Start with the table and seating arrangements.
Do you imagine a special kind of wedding cake? Collect offers now. We gladly recommend pastry shops.

Flowers, decorations and bridal bouquet - let our wedding manager Hansi know about your preferences.
Send or hand out invitations. Choose wedding rings and decide on a beautiful engraving.

Zimmer im Hotel Europe Bad Gastein

2 months to go - final preparations

By now you should have received most responses from your guests and you can reserve accommodations.
Did you decide on a vehicle for your wedding (sleigh, vintage car, limousine, tandem,...)? Remember that you should decorate it as well.
Do you want to make it a day that your guests will always remember? Plan give aways for your guests now.

4 weeks to go - it's really happening

Let our wedding manager know about the definitive number of guests.
Consider a trial run at the hair dresser to prevent unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

Think about Thank You cards for your guests.
Review the wedding timeline and adjust where needed.

2 weeks to go - the final touch

Review your checklists - do you have all necessary documents?

1 week to go - der Countdown

Everything should be set, so enjoy your last week together before you tie the knot.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, you can contact our wedding planner Tom anytime +43 650 52 355 57

The big day - finally it's here!

Start the day with a relaxed breakfast, don't worry about any details. We are here for you.
Take care of your styling and take it easy.
Bridal bouquet is picked up by the groom.

Our tip: Bring replacements for shoes, tights and safety pins. Chewing gum and headache pills also come in handy.

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